Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Want You Mine

Sex Clark Five cover
(James Butler 51L Music BMI)

Recorded by Elmer Sharp in 2012/2013
Bass by Michael Cotterman
Guitar/Drums/Vocals by John Davis

I first heard the Sex Clark Five on one of the great "Teenline" CD-R compilations of obscure power pop that the Hyped 2 Death record label put out. I found many life changing songs on that series of comps, but the Sex Clark Five's song, "I Want You Mine," was my favorite. I especially like that this group of oddballs from 1980s Alabama created a sound that was mostly a lo-fi repro of British Invasion nirvana, but added that touch of jittery new wave that made it original. The SC5 also had a great Peel session cover of The Byrds' "She Don't Care About Time," which partially inspired me to do my own version on the first Title Tracks record. Now, here's my version of the SC5 song that I tortured many a bandmate with in the van over the years with countless repeated listenings. - JD