Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Title Tracks D.C./Baltimore shows in July

It's been a long year off with much happening (a new life, a Masters in Library Science, a new band) but Title Tracks will be returning for some shows this year.  First up, in July, we'll be playing D.C. and Baltimore on July 5th and 6th.  Check the shows section for more info.  I'm hoping to do more shows later on this year, as well as release some new material and finish up the covers project that I mentioned on here before.

Paint Branch

A few months ago, a new project of mine called Paint Branch released its first record.  You can hear/download it from  It's the first time that Chris Richards and I have worked together since Q And Not U split in 2005.  It doesn't sound like our old work, but it's of the same spirit.  Paint Branch will be playing some shows in 2013.