Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Want You Mine

Sex Clark Five cover
(James Butler 51L Music BMI)

Recorded by Elmer Sharp in 2012/2013
Bass by Michael Cotterman
Guitar/Drums/Vocals by John Davis

I first heard the Sex Clark Five on one of the great "Teenline" CD-R compilations of obscure power pop that the Hyped 2 Death record label put out. I found many life changing songs on that series of comps, but the Sex Clark Five's song, "I Want You Mine," was my favorite. I especially like that this group of oddballs from 1980s Alabama created a sound that was mostly a lo-fi repro of British Invasion nirvana, but added that touch of jittery new wave that made it original. The SC5 also had a great Peel session cover of The Byrds' "She Don't Care About Time," which partially inspired me to do my own version on the first Title Tracks record. Now, here's my version of the SC5 song that I tortured many a bandmate with in the van over the years with countless repeated listenings. - JD

Remember The Lightning

20/20 cover (Written by Ron Flynt)

Recorded by Elmer Sharp in 2012/2013

Bass by Michael Cotterman

Voice/Guitars/Drums by John Davis

At some point in the past, I started to get really into the "DIY" series of compilations that Rhino released in the early 1990s. I still maintain that series is one of the best-assembled primers for various aspects of punk, what with its good taste in power pop, as well as willingness to explore the corners of the NYC, Boston, L.A., and UK scenes (among others) for good finds. One of their power pop comps introduced me to the L.A. band 20/20 and their anthem, "Yellow Pills." I tracked down a CD that included the first two 20/20 albums and, whoa, it was so good. Although "Yellow Pills" is what pulled me in, it was songs like "Cheri," "Backyard Guys," "Nuclear Boy," and "Remember the Lightning" that kept me there. Now, those songs mean as much to me as just about any other song I've ever heard. On tour in 2010, Title Tracks played our version of "Remember the Lightning" at just about every show. We recorded a version at our Daytrotter session, too, but here's a different one that we recorded a little more recently. - JD

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Telepathic Love

Wipers cover
Recorded in 2012 by Elmer Sharp and John Davis
All instruments by JD

The first version of this Wipers song that I ever heard was actually a cover of it. It was the Nation of Ulysses' version of the song from a Greg Sage/Wipers tribute album that came out in the early 90s. The great NOU version led me to the even greater original version. Title Tracks started playing this at shows on our U.S. and European tours in 2011 and was always one of our favorite songs to play. I remember a show in Bremen, Germany show where I asked the crowd before we played our cover of the song, "you all like the Wipers, right?", to which a voice from the crowd responded "yes!" with that priceless, exasperated German inflection that makes you feel like an idiot for asking such an obvious question.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Favorite songs from 2013

A little late on this, but here’s a list of some of my favorite songs from 2013:

Adam Lempel & The Heartbeats: "You Belong With Me"
Bad Sports - "Terrible Place"
Big Eyes - "Losing Touch"
Dent May - "Born Too Late"
Telekinesis - "Power Lines"
Passing Phases - "Walk Around"
Bleached - "Next Stop"
Mikal Cronin - "Shout It Out"/
Bye Bye Blackbirds - "Like A Thief"
Pure Bliss: "Thine Eyes"
The Shirks: “Action Men”
Daft Punk w/Paul Williams: “Touch”
Paperhaus: “Helicopters”
Savages: “Strife”
Pretty & Nice: “Mummy Jets”
Alpine: “Hands”
Brendan Benson: “Purely Automatic”
Julianna Barwick: “One Half”
Joy Buttons: “Rotten”
Matt Duncan: “The Keys”
Jacco Gardner: “Clear The Air”

Listen to these songs on Spotify, if you like: 2013 Music

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New songs/recording

Me, Michael Cotterman, and Elmer Sharp (our new drummer) holed up for a day earlier this month in Elmer's recording space and recorded two new Title Tracks songs.  They're called "I Don't Need To Know" and "Protect Yourself."  They'll be mixed shortly and we hope that a single will be out by spring.  People who've seen our recent D.C. shows will have heard these new tunes already.  Will keep you all posted on release plans.

January 19 in Arlington with The Tender Thrill

We have another show ready to go in the DC-area.  We'll play our first show at Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA in quite a while.  I think our last time there was 2009.  This time out, we'll be joined by The Tender Thrill, featuring Title Tracks producer (and one-time touring guitarist), Nick Anderson.  Check the show section for more info.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

November 24 in DC with Joy Buttons

We have another show booked, this time we'll be back at the Black Cat for the first time since 2011(!).  It's a show on the backstage with Joy Buttons, Beasts Of No Nation, and The Max Levine Ensemble.  More details in the shows tab.