Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New songs/recording

Me, Michael Cotterman, and Elmer Sharp (our new drummer) holed up for a day earlier this month in Elmer's recording space and recorded two new Title Tracks songs.  They're called "I Don't Need To Know" and "Protect Yourself."  They'll be mixed shortly and we hope that a single will be out by spring.  People who've seen our recent D.C. shows will have heard these new tunes already.  Will keep you all posted on release plans.

January 19 in Arlington with The Tender Thrill

We have another show ready to go in the DC-area.  We'll play our first show at Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA in quite a while.  I think our last time there was 2009.  This time out, we'll be joined by The Tender Thrill, featuring Title Tracks producer (and one-time touring guitarist), Nick Anderson.  Check the show section for more info.