Thursday, October 30, 2014

DJ Set at DCPL Punk Archive fundraiser

I probably should have mentioned this on here before it actually happened, but I was a guest DJ  the other night (along with Brendan Canty and Brian Baker) at an event to raise funds and bring in material donations to the D.C. Public Library's new D.C. Punk Archive. It seemed appropriate to play some D.C. music, old and new, so here's a list of what I played:

I ran out of time, but was going to play some Priests, Urban Verbs, Puff Pieces, Unrest, Joy Buttons, Deleted Scenes, Tsunami, Beauty Pill, Typefighter, and MUCH MORE but, oh well, time was tight. I'm really happy to see the work that the DCPL is doing with establishing this D.C. punk archive. They're really focused on eventual online accessibility of these materials, so it'll be great to see digitized versions of all of these fliers, posters, set lists, etc online in the future. I'll write more about this soon but, in my day job as an archivist at the University of Maryland, I've been putting together a collection of D.C. punk fanzines and we've been collaborating with the DCPL folks whenever we can. Anyway, more info on all of that soon.