Sunday, November 11, 2012

A sort of quiet 2012

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know that, despite the relatively quiet year for Title Tracks, all is still active here. It's been a really busy year for me, personally, as I'm finishing up my Masters degree in Library and Information Science and I became a father this year. So, music has had to take more of a back seat this year than it has in a very long time for me. It's been good to take a bit of a break, though, to really realize how exciting and special music is and how fortunate I have been to get to work with so many great people and see so many places. I'm eager to get back to it in 2013.

That's not to say that I haven't been working on music at all in 2012. Chris Richards (my old Q And Not U bandmate) and I have a new project called Paint Branch and we'll be releasing our first full-length record to digital outlets (only digital, as of now) in 2013. It's very different from anything either of us have done before. We'll be talking more about all of it very soon.

I've been working on Title Tracks projects, too. Last year, I thought that it might be cool to record all of the different covers that Title Tracks has played at shows over the past few years. We've done everything from Otis Redding's "Security" to The Wipers' "Telepathic Love" to 3's "Swann Street" to The Merseybeats' "I Stand Accused" and on and on. I've been working on recording all of those over the past year and should finish that project up soon and I hope to release it for free online in 2013.

The project inspired me to do the same thing for all of the different acoustic songs I've played at solo shows or at various events where I had the chance to play quieter tunes. From Richard and Linda Thompson's "Withered and Died" to The Louvin Brothers' "Alabama" to Buck Owens' "Loose Talk," etc. I've recorded a bunch of those songs, too, and I hope to get them out for people to hear next year. It's just a fun thing to let people hear Title Tracks' take on some of those great songs. As release plans for all of those projects come together, I'll post news.

There won't be any other shows in 2012, but both Title Tracks and Paint Branch will be playing shows in 2013 and I'm really looking forward to getting back out there again. See you soon. - John