Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fort Reno and new music

There was some drama, but we're happy to report that the 2014 Fort Reno concert series is still on AND Title Tracks will be playing it on Thursday July 24, along with The Effects (Devin from Medications/Faraquet's new band) and Myrrh Myrrh. Details over on the Shows tab. Thanks to Fort Reno's organizers for their work in getting this season together. When word got out that the season was canceled, I think it really reminded many people how much the series matters to them and to the city. The tradition is undeniable and seeing shows at Fort Reno just never gets old for me. I'm grateful that we have another season ahead, as well as a great batch of bands to watch this year.

A few months back, I wrote that Title Tracks recorded a couple of new songs for a single. Plans have changed and we're going to save those for an album that we hope to get out next year. In the meantime, I'm writing more new songs and I hope to record them by the end of the year. Will post updates here. Thanks and see you at Fort Reno later this summer. - John