Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cherry People

I had seen that a modern band (The School) had scooped me on my plan to do a cover of The Left Banke's "And Suddenly," a great, overlooked song from their fairly small body of work. Although the Left Banke's version wasn't a hit, the Cherry People came back a year later and were able to find a minor hit with it. While the Left Banke's version is a bit more blue eyed soul in the Spiral Starecase vein, Cherry People's take on it leans more towards the style of Curt Boettcher's productions (i.e. The Association) ... and besides, Cherry People were from D.C., so I'm partial. Anyway, I recently found a clip of Cherry People's "And Suddenly" being played on a teen dance show from Ohio and it was as if I had special ordered it. Great song, local programming, awkward dancing ... all of my favorites!