Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Dolls on THE BEAT!!!

This is a great clip of a rare Northern Soul gem -- The Dolls (outta Waco, TX) from 1966 on Loma Records. The clip is from a show caled The Beat!!! which ran for a brief period in early'66. I believe it was from Nashville and was hosted by Bill "Hoss" Allen, a legendary local DJ, an awesome presence and a surprisingly good dancer -- all of this in spite of seeming a little bit like a bad guy from Oliver Stone's "JFK." You can find this show on DVD now and I've been working my way through it disc by disc and I've been deeply appreciating the footage from folks like Esther Phillips, Joe Tex and southpaw guitarist Barbara Lynn. The Dolls, as you'll see below, are the true favorite for me so far.